How To Sell Your House Quick & Hassle Free

No Repairs, No Cleaning, No Commissions!

What Is The Process?

Before anyone starts talking about filling out a form, making a phone call Or Any Other Crap , we want to focus on normal questions that may be pounding in your noggin! Then, we can discuss the entire process. This will ensure that everyone is Comfortable when doing business with us. We understand that selling a house may not be an easy decision. We will never want to rush anyone. Is This Fair?

Is it safe to assume that you have never done this before? If we are wrong, so what, LOL! Either way, we know you have questions racing through your head. Well, please relax because we understand and are here to Help You. Are you asking yourself any of the following questions?

Is There Tons Of Paperwork That I Won’t Understand?

Will People Be Running In And Out Of My Property?

How Long Is This Process Till Closing?

How Much Fees Are Involved?

Where Will I Get The Money To Fix The Leaking Roof?

How Will They Determine The Value Of My Property?

We know this seems like a lot, but it’s not. Straight To The Point, we will answer all of this!


There is not a lot of paperwork with jargon. Our paperwork is to protect you and us and was created by fellow attorneys. We explain everything in great-depth to ensure you understand one hundred percent.

People will not be running in and out of your property like it’s a house party with loud music, booze and chaos .

It’s possible for us to purchase properties with only one inspection. This is for us to figure out how much time it may take to fix the property following putting money into your pockets.

And, we do everything in our power to close as soon as possible. Think About It. We are real estate investors, so the sooner we close, the sooner we can start working on repairs. Most importantly, the sooner the closing, the sooner you will be paid.

We make sure there are no fees/ commissions that you will have to pay. Realtors cannot say the same. Maybe this is why many of them despise us. What Do You Think??? I will say if for you, you have Better Things To Do With Your Money than to burn it on fees.

You do not have to worry about making repairs because we fix the repairs when we buy properties. So, if you want, go get a bucket to catch the rain from the leaking roof to save the dirty carpet. LOL!

Oh, and by the way, the inspection also to gives us an idea of how many repairs we have to make. This, along with our experience at real estate investing, is how we determine the value of your property. …Let’s Get To The Good Stuff


Ohio Property Buyers wants you to understand who you are doing business with. So, the process is very simple and the steps are as follows;

  • Take A Look Around In This Website. Find answers to anything that may be crossing your mind. For example, watch the video with the Pretty Lady , read Michael’s biography, find out what we have been doing in the communities to help people. Most Importantly, look around in this website to Find Out How We Can Help You.
  • Fill Out The Form Or Call Us With Honest Responses. This way, We Are Friends. We are loyal to our friends. DO NOT come to this step if you have not followed the first step and you are not one-percent comfortable.
  • We Analyze Your Honest Answers And Give You A Phone Call. Understand, You Are Now Deemed As A Friend, and friendship is about Trust. So, we believe everything you tell us. And, when we call to ask a few questions, your answers are used by us to try to Help You by purchasing your property.
  • Based On Your Honest Answers, we will crunch the numbers and make you a Cash Offer With Proof Of Funds. If You Accept Our Cash Offer, we will set up a day and time to go over the details in the agreement. All needed parties must sign the agreement. We can do this in-person or electronically.
  • We Open Escrow With A Title Company And Make An Earnest Money Deposit. Once the title company determines The Deed Is Free And Clear, we schedule an in-person inspection of the property to Validate Your Honest Answers. In some instances, inspection can be done virtually.
  • We May Be Able To Give You A Cash 💵 Advance for you to use for whatever your needs are. And, this is followed by closing.

When dealing with friends, We Understand That Sometimes Cash Is Needed Fast and no one wants to be a burden. Our founder, Michael (read theAbout Us Page”) told us a story. Listen up. He was driving to campus and the gas tank was almost empty. Michael had to take the exam or get an F. Well, he took the exam. However, he did not have enough gas to make it home. Simply put, Michael Needed Cash Fast. Embarrassed, our founder called his sister and told her the truth. She was able to help him with Cash and did not pass judgment. Michael told us while laughing, he realized that if he would have reached out to her earlier, he would not have put himself through unnecessary stress. A True Lesson Learned.  

As Michael would say, “You Do Not Want To Put Yourself Through Unnecessary Stress.” Ohio Property Buyers will do our best to help a fellow friend. Cash in your pockets with serenity is where you want to be. If you have a real estate problem and want to sell your property for fast Cash , Follow The Steps Above And Then Fill Out The Form Or Call Us Now.

…Get A CASH 💵 Offer For Your House…